Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holly Gage Jewelry - High Impact Effects

We adore jewelry that is high impact. Especially in terms of designs that are asymmetrical, random, and visually intriguing. We are never disappointed when we see jewelry created by Holly Gage.

Using hand-sculpted precious metal clay embellished with a variety of materials, such as, gems, beads and titanium, Holly's pieces are always high impact in terms of the effect not only on the wearer but also of the effect on the viewer. Many of her pieces can be noticed from a distance. However, it is upon closer viewing that the real details can be appreciated.

An example of her signature techniques can be seen in this piece called "Empowerment." Its saturated color comes from a piece of metal called titanium that Holly describes as being free-formed in the furnace from a molten state.  It is sculptural and flowing with varied textures and curves. We love its effects.

Wonderful craftsmanship and asymmetrical design define Holly's work. We love the strength and intensity that so many of her pieces impart. And the patterns created by the textures on the precious metal clay make each item of jewelry a one-of-a-kind piece of work. Her pendants especially seem to possess immense strength and vitality, and we find ourselves continuously drawn to them.

Here is a pendant called "Serpentine."

We are inspired by her thought process about her work, her materials, and her sources of inspiration, which she readily shares on her website. For instance,
"I love being a pioneer with this relatively new medium, experimenting with its capabilities and working on the cutting edge of new developments. It has enabled me to blend many of my artistic studies to create unique pieces of jewelry which are inspired by my original photographic images, life experiences, and natural forms in nature."

Here we have a superb example of her work with PMC. This piece is called "Natures Renewal."

More exquisite titanium can be seen in this pendant called "River Blue."

We are always inspired by her beautiful work.  Are you inspired?

Let us know what you think.

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