Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alice Sprintzen Jewelry

We love jewelry made by artists who
 have a sense of humor expressed
with a sense of style.
If they can recycle and repurpose
unwanted material destined to be
trash, and create something of
beauty at the same time,
that's even better.

Jewelry created by Alice Sprintzen
is made from found objects.
Things like broken toys, antiques, keys,
cameras, and smashed car parts all find
 their way to her delightful,
and whimsical necklaces.
Junk and trash are no longer unwanted bits
of nothing. They contribute to a greater
vision and become part of a
larger plan.

Using reclaimed and natural materials
in her jewelry designs, Alice creates
visually intriguing jewelry that combines
her love for the beauty of functional
objects and her sense of design.

Let's take a look at some
examples of her eclectic
use of found objects.
This piece is called 'Winged Victory'.
It's made with antique china doll legs,
a brass found object, sliced marble,
a clock key, sterling silver, and glass beads.

And this one called 'Cat' is made from
copper, turquoise, a brass drawer knob backplate,
a keyhole, sterling silver, an antique button,
and glass beads.

On her website, Alice clearly expresses her point
of view when she describes her work,

These objects speak to past experiences as well as an aesthetic sense of color, form, texture and design. As inveterate collectors and scavengers, jewelers revel in manipulating objects, presenting them in new contexts, giving new meaning to what may have previously been overlooked. The castaway is elevated to a place of honor, the mundane becomes precious and materials rusted, worn by age and discarded, are valued for their intrinsic beauty ..... Jewelry of this genre is an antidote to the wasteful, consumer oriented direction of modern life. It is a celebration of the inventive use of objects transformed. It challenges the viewer to take a fresh look at the ubiquitous mundane objects that can be appreciated if we only take the time to direct our attention in their direction.

We also love this one called
'Not by Accident II', made with a car tail light,
buttons, turquoise, sterling silver, and glass beads.

and here we have one called
'Completing the Circuit'
made with buttons, turquoise and beads, pearls,
computer parts, a plastic reflector, cast plastic pieces,
and sterling silver.

If we were ever stranded on a desert island,
we would want to have this artist stranded
along with us. There would be no doubt
that her sense of humor combined with her ability
 to create delight from objects that most
 consider trash would make the time
pass quickly and happily.
We see a life lesson inherent in this work,
namely to take whatever one finds in life
and make something better with it.
Improve it. And, ultimately, enjoy it.


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