Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Donna D'Aquino Jewelry - Architectural Ideas Expressed as Art to Wear

Lines can be curved or straight. Circles can be wobbly or stiff. Triangles can be all of the above. Jewelry can be based on the artistic view of line as rendered in an architectural manner, and the final effect of creating jewelry can be architectural in its effect. Architectural might be an apt description for jewelry made by Donna D'Aquino. Made from wire and sometimes dipped in plastic, each piece vibrates with layers and texture.

This piece is called Wire Bracelet #14

Her work seems rather straightforward in concept, yet multi-layered and complex in execution. As Donna states on her website,

"This body of work is based on line and the act of drawing. I use wire in place of charcoal or pencil to create three-dimensional drawings for the body and wall. The work is inspired by interior and exterior architectural structures such as bridges and telephone towers. "

Here we see her assortment of Chains

We find it intriguing to be asked to think beyond the ordinary usage of jewelry as adornment. Donna says it well on her website,

"It is important to me that an object function both on and off the body. These pieces when not being worn are meant to hang on the wall by a single nail as a drawing floating in space."

This is called Wire Bracelet #59

These are called Thin Line Earrings

Layers and textures. . . as far as the eye can see. Circles, rectangles, triangles; numerous architectural variations on a theme. There is a sense of solidarity in her work. While each piece is consistent in design and flavor with the previous piece, it is the sense of delight one experiences when viewing the next piece in the series that inspires one to envision not only wearing each piece but also to enjoy its artistic merit while viewed on one's wall.

Here is an amusing brooch. And yes, it would be fun, not to mention mesmerizing to view this piece hanging on the wall to be admired as art.

Brooch 4N Steel/18kt

We are intrigued by the layering of lines and the architectural structures she creates by these layerings. So much of Donna's work reminds us of decisive, insistent line drawings rendered in three dimensions. Here is our favorite piece, called Wire Neckpiece 42L.

Here we have an artist who is so clearly inspired by line, drawing, and architectural shapes.

What do you find inspiring?

How do you decide what to focus on and what to ignore?

How is your artistic world view shaped?

Tell us what you think. We always invite comments.

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