Friday, June 12, 2009

Amenda Tate Jewelry - Metalsmithing With Creativity

We enjoy a broad and diverse range of handcrafted jewelry artists. Work from the Amenda Tate studio has delighted us for several years. Hand-fabricated pieces made in sterling and/or gold, Amenda's work delightfully combines various elements, textures, and effects in the creation of uniquely contemporary jewelry. Each of her creations are upbeat, and at times, energetically whimsical.

Amenda Tate originally set out to be a mechanical engineer. When she began to study in her chosen field she came to realize that her need to learn how things are made and how things work would be better answered by creating handcrafted jewelry.

Some artists can be incredibly expressive in written form as well as in their chosen medium. Amenda describes her work rather lyrically when she says,

"My works are contemplations, entertaining the idea that objects can be both organic in form and relation as well as mechanical in a functional format: adornment. These contemplations materialize as wearable jewelry with a sculptural presence. I strive to balance dichotomy: organic/mechanical, inherent/industrial, expected/unpredictable, variety/repetition, simple/complex. I create alliterations in metal that possess a rhythmic quality in form."

Her meticulous work is elegantly showcased in her hand-fabricated designs. Here is our favorite bracelet from her current collection entitled Patchwork Bracelet.

We've long admired this pair of earrings, aptly called Bloom Earrings.

Here is her intrepretation of the same design as a neckpiece, called Bloom Necklace.

Amenda also shows a more fluid, lyrical sense in her work as seen here in our favorite neckpiece humorously entitled Squid Tassel Pendant.

Amenda creates jewelry with a sculptural presence that mixes organic and mechanical qualities. Here we have a representative piece called Constellation.

Some of Amenda's work is downright whimsical as in this neckpiece from her Flying Saucers series.

We are inspired by Amenda's range of designs and the moods they create.

Let us know what you think and what inspires you.

We'd love to know.

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