Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thea Izzi Jewelry - Luminous Elegance in Metal

Sheer elegance is how we view the artistic creations that emanate from the Thea Izzi studio. These pieces positively glow with luminous beauty and her signature pieces have an interior made of gold that reflects off itself in a shimmery display of light.

This piece is called "Three Gold Bowls"

With an emphasis on form and space, Thea creates hollow-form and hand-fabricated bi-colored pieces that seem to be illuminated with an interior glow. Her bi-metal pieces are made by taking 22kt gold and sterling silver sheet, then fusing and rolling them together. The gold reflects off of itself when it is used as the interior of a design. But when the gold is used as the exterior of a design then it is the silver interior that provides a shimmery contrast.

Folding metal upon itself seems to always provide intricate and interesting shapes and designs. Here we have a superb example of her work that is especially festive reminding us of holiday ribbon candy named "Ariel"

Thea expresses her motivations succintly when she says,

My work explores the convergence of geometric and organic shapes translated to ornament in metal. The forms are created by hollowed, cut and fabricated 22k gold over sterling silver “bi-metal” discs.

The luminous interior, caused by the gold reflecting off of itself, eludes to a light source contained in that space though none exists.

My process is largely unconscious and often motivated by playful experimentation, symmetry, repetition of patterns and illusions created by contrast fuel my inspiration for design.

As an example of her diverse offerings even within a particular design, her Gemma earrings are made in three versions: Sterling Silver, Oxidized Silver and 18k Gold, or 18K Gold and Sterling Silver Bi-Metal.

This pin is another lovely example of Thea's luminous work, called Bird of Paradise

We are inspired by the elegant jewelry and the incredible variety that Thea Izzi provides for her following of ardent jewelry lovers. Consider us a part of that following.

What do you find inspiring?

Let us know what you think.

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