Saturday, February 27, 2010

Christina Goodman Jewelry

There are a number of fascinating pieces
of one-of-a-kind art jewelry currently 
on exhibit at Taboo Studio

The current show, “The Essence of Nature” 
runs through March 26, 2010. 
(You may wish to see our previous discussion of this show).

Each of the jewelers have created
pieces that explore the natural world
and the theme of nature in design.

Christina Goodman has long held a reputation for
her exquisite hand-painted miniatures
and in this show
it's her miniature paintings
made as jewelry that are so striking.

We're inspired by Christina's talent for
utilizing 14th - 16th century gilding
and painting techniques in creating
these lovely jewelry treasures.

Here are some examples of the work she
has created for this exhibition.

This piece is called Iris Pendant

This is her Landscape Necklace

This piece is called Tulip Pendant


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