Saturday, February 13, 2010

Emanuela Duca Jewelry

Sometimes it's all about texture.

Emanuela Duca's jewelry is fashion-forward and edgy. And highly textured.
Some artists can take a simple idea and turn it into something with intense impact.
In Emauela's current Magma Collection, she explores the ideas of movement
and expresses them in a solid form.

We find her words explain the process best:
"Sculpted in wax, then forged and constructed in sterling silver, the individual forms are shaped and manipulated through folding, hammering, and piercing. The resulting surfaces are highly textured, with surfaces evocative of volcanic ash and the ancient ruins of my native Rome. Yet their shape and combination is clean, simple, and minimal."

Here are pieces from her Magma collection.
This set is called Sand Rings.
Both elegant and organic, her pieces are high impact in terms of the effect not only
of the piece on the wearer but also on the viewer.
 Many of her pieces definitely can be noticed from a distance.
However, it is upon closer viewing that the real details and delights can be appreciated.

This piece is called Roman Cuff and is made with oxidized sterling silver with small diamonds.

 This is her Petals bracelet.

This piece is called Sand Bangle

We find Emanuela's work to be inspiring, creative and imaginative.
Let us know what you think.

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