Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sandra McCaw Jewelry

The unexpected.

It's common to admire the design
of a piece of exquisite jewelry
yet not be able to tell immediately
what the materials are.

Then one discovers the unexpected.

Jewelry from the Sandra McCaw studio
is exquisitely made with polymer.

It's an unexpectedly delightful
discovery because so many of her
wonderful creations seem to be
made with other materials,
such as enamels or paints.

Sandra explains her inspiration
by saying,
“In working with polymer clay, I am able to create complex patterns where lines seem to lose their distinction and blend, and where colors bloom and merge. Polymer clay, with its richness of color and flexibility, allows me to create the intricate patterns that I love."

One can't help but love the
intricacy found in her
"Woven Earrings" made with
polymer and 23K gold leaf.

Sandra's "Leaves Necklace" is also made of polymer
and 23K gold leaf with glass beads.

Her brooch called, "Floating Leaves, Autumn"
is just as stunning.

We will always admire spectacular jewelry and
we will always delight in finding the unexpected.
The unexpected in design, in workmanship,
and in materials.
We find this work to be inspiring.
What do you think?
We'd love to know.


  1. Fantastic jewelry, and wonderful blog. Glad I found you!


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