Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kim Lucci Elbualy Jewelry

We have recently become aware
of the fascinating jewelry
designed by Kim Lucci Elbualy.

Her one-of-a-kind sculptural works
feature abstract forms in copper, silver,
enamel and patinas.

We usually admire a broad range of work
created by an artist; it's rare that we become
enthralled with one type or one aspect of someone's
work but in this case we have to admit there is
one particular series of brooches that we
crave. Can't really say why, but Kim's
"Entrance Series" is hands-down our favorite.

Here is Entrance I

See what we mean?
Simply fascinating!

Here is Entrance II

And we have to complete the series
with Entrance III

Remarkable. Striking. Intriguing.
We really can't stop admiring them.

What do you think?

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