Saturday, May 1, 2010

Carolyn Tillie Jewelry

It's fun to see the whimsical work 
created by Carolyn Tillie
Sharing her passion for food in the form
of delightful art-to-wear jewelry,
Carolyn's work features culinary-themed pieces
that combine delicious designs
and lots of imagination.

Here is a striking example of her delectable visual delights
from her recent Farmer's Market collection,
called Aubergine Pendant. 


And from her extensive Just Desserts collection
we enjoy her Swirled Cake Necklace.

From her imaginative Bento Box collection
we find this Chopstick Brooch with Sushi Handrolls
rather amusing.

Individually fabricating each piece
of jewelry, using either sterling silver or 14K gold
combined with other materials such as
polymer or high-grade plastics, provides
many charming and fun pieces.

We relish all of her work.



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