Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds Jewelry

True wearable art, while meant to be worn, is more importantly
 meant to grace the wearer with beauty and harmony.  

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds creates enchanting necklaces
 that flow like scarves, and delicate brooches that
seem to cling onto one's clothing.  The lush effect is more
than that of wearing jewelry;
the effect truly is that of wearing art.

Here we have some spectacular photos of her work -
each only hints at the incredible detail
in each of her delicate creations.
This bracelet is called Meadows & Mystics.
It's from her Serendipity Series.
Made with naturally dyed dupioni silk and glass.

This necklace is called Echoes.
From her Serendipity Series, it's created
with 18k gold, naturally dyed habotai silk and glass.

This delicate creation is called Dandelion.
From her Petal Series, it's made with
sterling silver, steel, glass and organza.

Here is a piece called Sangria. It's from her Petal Series
and is made with sterling silver, steel, glass, and organza.

We are continuously inspired by the delicacy and
lush beauty of each of these pieces.
And there are so many more to admire.

If we could, we'd wear one every day.

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