Sunday, June 27, 2010

Davina Romansky Jewelry

Jewelry made with mixed metals
sometimes cause mixed reactions -
both metallurgically and emotionally.

Davina Romansky creates jewelry
by mixing metals, precious gems,
and other items of interest.

Starting with natural shapes, many organic in style,
the combination of metals creates energy
within each piece.
Simple pieces become more layered
and dense. They seem to create more energy.
We always have a positive reaction
when we see it. 

Here is a piece called Silver and Gold Bangle
that includes black diamonds.

This ring is called Cactus Pearl - it's made with
copper, silver, and a pearl.

Our favorite piece is her
Caged Feathers Necklace.
Made with fine and sterling silver wire,
it features an abundance of Peacock Feathers.

We are captivated by her asymmetrical designs
that meander and build upon themselves.
They inspire our own strong, positive reactions
 and we enjoy that aspect of wearing
handcrafted jewelry.

What do you think?
Are you inspired by this work?
We'd love to know.


  1. Wow what wonderful unusual designs that's what is so nice about handmade jewelry the uniqueness of each piece.

  2. Really, really gorgeous pieces!


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