Saturday, June 12, 2010

Melanie Bilenker Jewelry

Quiet, meditative, serene. 
This is the mood created by
jewelry made by Melanie Bilenker.

Inspired by the Victorian tradition
of jewelry made from the hair of
loved ones, Melanie uses strands of her
own hair set into epoxy resin
to create miniature portraits that
capture ordinary, everyday moments.  

We find her work to be
satisfying on so many levels.

It's the meticulous details
in her line drawings, each made
 with human hair, that we find
It's the subject matter
she portrays that we find
And, it's the unusual material
she uses that we find

For example, in this brooch called "Bouquet"
one can almost smell the sweetness
emanating from the flower buds.

Here is a brooch called "Chocolate"
that is detailed and downright delectable.

Here is her adorable brooch called
 "Hemming Pants"

And there are details galore apparent
in a brooch called
"Drawing a Bath"

Yes, we feel a sense of
quietness, meditation, and serenity
when we see her work; we can
only wonder what the process
must be like for the artist
while she is creating each piece.

We are truly inspired by this work. 
What do you think?
Are you inspired by these pieces?
We'd love to know your thoughts.

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