Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paper Beauty: Sabrina Meyns Jewelry

Handmade paper and
precious metal can transform magically
into exquisite petals and flowers
in the hands of an artist.
Jewelry created by
Sabrina Meyns is inspired by
the botanical world around us
while she inspires us with her creativity
and proficient skills in papermaking
and jewelry design.

Here's a snippet of how she describes her work
 on her website:

“For my work I draw my inspiration from the garden, focusing particularly on the late summer and autumn periods. I am especially fascinated by the delicate qualities of seedpods and the miniature elements that are seeds. . . The gold and silver details represent the precious seed held in their fragile vessels, waiting to fall and grow.”

We love the fragility and delicacy
in this brooch. The subtle, neutral
colors add to the effect.

It's fascinating to see her include the tiniest details
of each floral structure like the pistils, stamens
and minuscule seeds.

This brooch is almost translucent
yet shows each lovely detail.
Monochromatic tones enhance
the overall effect.

Last but not least,
when you create your own paper
you get to make the colors as intense
as you like.
Love it!

We want one of everything!

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