Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exhibition - "Souvenirs" - Tory Hughes Jewelry

Acknowledged internationally as an innovator
and leading polymer clay artist and teacher,
Tory Hughes is one of the preeminent
polymer jewelry designers.
Over the years her techniques have
helped pave the way for
many current polymer artists.
The hallmarks of Tory's creative style are
precision combined with extraordinary imaginativeness.
It's her attention to detail, her masterful use of color,
 and the intricacy of her designs
that always distinguishes Tory's work.

 Her work is currently on display
during the month of August
at a local coffeehouse in her hometown
of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Conveniently located in the central plaza of town,
the Santa Fe Plaza Starbucks Gallery Space
is exhibiting
‘Souvenirs - Tangible Memories, Wearable Imagination.‘

What makes this exhibit so enticing is not only
the fact that it is a relaxed way to see her work
but the coffeehouse is within strolling distance
of her studio and gallery, where you can see more
of her work and actually
get an opportunity to meet her.

Here's an example of some of the
work on display.
This one called, Au Printemps Necklace,
is a homage to Paris and a building that
is known for its vast stained-glass roof
and historic detailing.

And, of course, the reverse side of this piece
 is equally beautiful showing
hand-painted silk coverings on the
back of each floral cup.

Another piece featured is called, Moorea,
uses a technique that is an adaptation of one her
 imitative techniques: imitative rayskin

One of her legendary imitative techniques
is making polymer look like agates,
as in this piece called,
Agate Disc necklace.

and this piece called Santa Fe is
aptly named for the
layers of multiple cultures and beliefs
that symbolize the town of Santa Fe.

Approachable, friendly and down to earth,
Tory is an artist who is accessible and unpretentious.
Working as an artist, writer, teacher and
creative consultant, Tory keeps herself busy.
Very busy. Yet, here she is making her work
accessible in so many ways.

For anyone who would like to see her
work in a casual setting
this exhibit is the place to be.
It runs through the month of August.

You can get more information
about the exhibit, on her website at
‘Souvenirs-Tangible Memories, Wearable Imagination.’

On a different yet related note,
this casual exhibit serves as a delightful prelude to the
upcoming exhibition that is planned at
the Racine Art Museum
in October where many of the polymer field’s
creative pioneers will have work on display.
"Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads"
will be on display
October 21, 2011 – February 5, 2012.

Among the artists that "Terra Nova" will showcase
(there will be 34)
the focus will be narrowed down to
spotlight 8 artists who are considered
"Boundary Breakers"
- recognized within the polymer field
for their accomplishments and contributions -
and Tory is one of the
8 Boundary Breakers.

For more information about the
exhibit at the Racine Art Museum
you can visit their website.


  1. Why, what a wonderful post! Thank you for your compliments about my work, both my jewelry and my teaching. Your clarity and conciseness inspire me, Carmela! You are an appreciative and lucid writer, as well as having a good eye. Hope to see you soon somewhere, maybe Racine!

  2. Tory, I'm elated that you enjoyed the post! Your work has inspired me for a long time and continues to do so.

    My very best wishes to you for continued success, Cara


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