Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leather Flowers Everywhere - Tanya Igic Jewelry

No need to wait
until spring to see bright splashes of color.
There are flowers everywhere in the
 hothouse of leather-made
blooms created by Tanya Igic.

This artist knows a thing or two
about form, whether in the structure of
a fuchsia or a spring-fresh

By trial and error, this self-taught artist
has learned her craft over the years.
And she has certainly learned it well.

Working with fine-grade leather
her design process involves a lengthy
set of procedures to cut and bind many
layers of the material to create a
single petal.

This artist has developed a keen eye
for graceful silhouettes.
When embellished with sterling silver
each bloom seems to come to life.

The work is labor intensive.
The results are beautiful.

Simplicity of line and form
can be seen in each bloom.

Each flower looks as though it
was just snipped from the garden.

Picturesque and dainty.
One almost expects to see
dewdrops on the petals.

These full-bodied compositions
will remain fresh forever.

Each burst of color
brings springtime just
a little bit closer.

Leather jewelry can be interpreted
 in so many ways.
We admire how this artist's interpretation
 includes a strong sense of drama and √©lan.

You can see more at the artist's website.

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  1. these are really pretty - I wonder how she developed her techniques?


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