Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making a Statement - Francisca Bauzá Jewelry

Statement jewelry is meant to make a statement.
Necklaces created by Francisca Bauzá
make a bold statement - both in terms
of color and size.

First, let's talk about the colors.
Simply stated, they are beautiful.
 This artist's collection features enameling
 on copper and silver.
Some of the colors are 
 gentle and muted.
They look like gently brushed
watercolors - a mere whisper of color.
Then there are the deep jewel tones
that almost vibrate with intensity.
It all works together in visual harmony.

Now let's talk about the size.
The separate components
are fabricated in a range of sizes
and when all the components come
together the result is a
gorgeous, oversized
statement piece that
can take your breath away.

The combination of size and color
creates a necklace that makes
an audacious statement.
It's a perfect combination.

Here's an example. 

This floral necklace uses a range of
warm tones from the
 palest shades of blush, carnation and rose
to deeper shades of ruby, magenta,
scarlet and russet.

This pleasing palette provides luster and depth
that is wonderfully captivating.


And the effect when worn is bold and strong.
It's a real show stopper.

Other pieces in this collection feature
colors like topaz, amber,
goldenrod and mahogany.
Again, each component blends
harmoniously with the others.

Working with a cooler range of color
also provides
interest and visual intrigue.

Here's a gorgeous example of her work in blue tones.
 From the tiniest hint of robin's egg blue and aquamarine,
to dabs of cerulean and splashes of turquoise,
each color adds depth and interest to the necklace.

This necklace is stunning.
The play of light and color
in each translucent color creates
luscious, glossy surfaces with mottled effects.

Creating variegated hues and patterns
on each metallic component allows
the artist freedom to combine
color and effect in endless combinations.
The final result is eye catching.

As I said earlier,
statement jewelry is meant to make a statement.
If you make a statement be prepared
for a reaction.
These pieces will
always spark a conversation.
And attract lots of attention.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
For more photos of this
collection you can visit the artist's website.

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