Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beauty in Metal - Ornella Iannuzzi Jewelry

Sometimes it's love at first sight.
 Jewelry created by Ornella Iannuzzi
 is contemporary and dramatic.
And eye catching.
All the qualities that I love
to see in jewelry.

Over the years, her collections have drawn
inspiration from nature, such as
forest motifs and the ocean
and they continue to do so.

Her strong design skills allow for
a great deal of innovation and exploration.

 She uses all kinds of
 metals and gems in her work -  
from gold and silver, to copper and bronze;
from pearls, quartz and pyrite, to diamonds and opals.
Her designs range from the
quasi-primordial to the
ultra elegant.

The pieces are expressive, creative
and at times, surprising.
It's all beautiful.

Many of her pieces are incredibly adventurous
 and decidedly individualistic.

Her meticulous methods
create harmonious compositions
of color and texture.

While some of her designs seem serendipitous
one realizes she's truly controlling each
technique to create these 
complex sculptural forms.

Unusual settings are her forte
and each suits the featured gem.
This hand-carved opal includes a
tiny quartz crystal on the corner,
 and seems to capture
all the colors of the rainbow.


The never-ending creativity
is inspiring and provides an
incredible array of variety.
With a body of work filled with such
 variety one can never be bored.

 You can see more of this innovative work
at the artist's website.

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  1. this work seems to draw one in, beautiful, sensual, solid/still and water/flowing together in one piece.


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