Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exhibition - Huesos: Kiff Slemmons

I've often wondered how it would feel
to immerse oneself in a project that is
all encompassing and completely focused.

Kiff Slemmons seems to live life this way.
Her work revolves around intense projects
that eventually surface as major exhibits.

For instance, the last jewelry exhibit of hers
that caught my attention was held in
San Francisco in 2009.  It was a
collaborative effort between Slemmons and
noted fiber artist, Kay Sekimachi, that
featured their beach combing finds along the
shoreline in Hawaii. 

Now she is having a new exhibition of her recent work.
Over the years she has spent time
 collaborating with the artisans of atelier
Arte Papel in Oaxaca, Mexico making
paper jewelry. Working with traditional
beadmaking techniques and indigenous plants
they have created intricate pieces that are
eye catching and highly sculptural.

The exhibit is called,
It's currently running at Gallery Loupe
until March 6, 2012.


Once again she has captured my
imagination and created pieces
that are cutting edge.

For more information and images
visit the website for Gallery Loupe.

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