Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lace in Metal - Rei Harada Jewelry

Rei Harada creates several lovely collections
of jewelry and I find her Lace series to be
 especially noteworthy.
Her work is fabricated using small cast
elements that are patterned after lacy designs.

Yes, it's lacy but with a distinct edge.

Each dramatic scalloped element
makes a bold statement.


The artist describes her work as follows,

The original model of the cast is not fabric but a sheet metal
pierced in the lace pattern so none of my lace work
 have that organic texture of actual lace.
I like how that look of industrial cut-out metal plays
 with the image of soft and delicate lace fabric.

It looks like three-dimensional lace
yet it's not; she has captured the demure
details of lace without having to take a stitch.

See more images at Rei Harada's website.


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