Monday, March 19, 2012

Stingray Skin Jewelry by Carla Reiter

Carla Reiter’s original collection of jewelry is unmistakable.
Knitting metal freehand, using pliers and fingers,
each piece is a labor of love.

Her knitted silver, gold, and copper pieces
incorporate diamonds, pyrite, and precious stones.

She has now created a new collection
made with stingray leather that
she dyes and patinates.

The collection is called Shagreen and
it's the roughness of the stingray skin that lends
itself so well to this jewelry.
It creates a mottled, granular effect.

I especially like how the pebbly texture of the
stingray skin gives an eye-catching mosaic effect.

You can see more of this innovative work

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  1. Absolutely stunning, what an amazing source for such a tactile texture.


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