Friday, September 21, 2012

The Bird is The Word - Teresa Faris Jewelry

Team members and business partners
can come together from various sources. 

Teresa Faris has a delightful working partner.

She makes artful jewelry incorporating
wood that's been partially chewed by her parrot.
Her ongoing series of jewelry
 has led to an artistic
connection between the two species.
Aptly, this collection is called,
"Collaboration with a Bird."

This year, she added additional pieces to the collection
 and "Collaboration with a Bird II" has emerged.
Several of these pieces are currently on view at
Racine Art Museum in an exhibition
called, Animal Nature.


I'm always intrigued by an artist's willingness
 to experiment with unorthodox materials.

The emphasis on organic and textured forms
combined with a strong sense of
exploration makes this jewelry playful and spontaneous.

And there is a lot more work to be seen at her website.


  1. just lack of words! so creative..!!! stunning pieces!!

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