Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exploring Vulnerability - Laura Bennett Jewelry

Living in tune with nature
and following the ebb and flow
of life, Laura Bennett
creates jewelry using found
objects from the botanical world.
In a manner of speaking, by crossing
 plants with metal she's created a whole
new world of hybrids - jewelry that lives
as flora. Interestingly, she captures the
best characteristics of both elements and
manages to transform it all
into beautiful jewelry.
Her Dome Collection is simply beautiful,
and her Nature of Fragility Collection

includes sprigs of plants preserved with resin
captured just before they decay to

"offer the wearer an experience, challenging them
to confront their vulnerabilities . . . "


 By capturing their essence without
ruining their beauty and fragility
 this artist brings new appreciation to
the concepts of vulnerability and weakness.

There is alot more to see at
her website.


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