Friday, October 19, 2012

Working With Mother Nature - Ann Jenkins Jewelry

When jewelry includes Mother Nature,
I tend to pay attention.
Natural elements like
 porcupine quills,
 dried flowers, sea shells, leaves,
butterfly wings, crushed gemstones,
feathers and other found objects
 become the jewels for Ann Jenkins' jewelry.
 Enshrined in spectacular frames
these 'jewelry reliquaries' as the artist refers
 to her creations,
become objects of beauty
and contemplation.

This tiny brooch features a dried cat's claw pod
encased in a sterling silver frame.

A clematis blossom is the
centerpiece for this brooch.

A delicate white coral is
protected in sterling silver.

This anemonite fossil is showcased within
a frame made with sterling silver and 24K gold.

This bracelet contains an array of delights including,
a lobster shell, a butterfly wing, an azurite geode,
a fish-egg case, turquoise, liche and a bit of tomatillo.

These porcupine quills are framed with
24K gold leaf, fine silver and oxidized copper.
Each reliquary is a little world
of contemplative splendor
providing a moment of being one with Nature.
Be sure to visit Ann Jenkins' website to see more
of her work.

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