Monday, November 19, 2012

Exhibition - Nicole Polentas Jewelry

Gallery Loupe will be exhibiting work by
Nicole Polentas from
November 17 through December 1. 
The exhibit is titled, Psychomanteum,
(a term referring to the ancient practice of
communicating with the
spiritual realm; in the psychomanteum,
the oracles would gaze into a
still pool of water to see the future.)
 This artist uses this notion of a psychomanteum
to display her work, create a mood,
and re-connect with her familial and cultural history:

. . . she draws on her Greek heritage for inspiration and for the unique manner in which she exhibits her current body of work - in a setting meant to depict the psychomanteum - the naturally occurring rockpools of myth where ancient Greeks would go to consult the oracles . . . The installation includes water in order to re-create the aquatic area where one could commune with the gods. The jewelry pieces themselves are fascinating and intricate constructions of metal wire and steel sheets, sterling silver, plastic and paint, ornamented with personal photographs . . . a bridge to her sense of belonging to a place she is rooted but no longer lives - her past and present become connected in her very personal jewelry. . .


It's interesting to see how the artist
 creates autobiographical
jewelry by using
metal sheets and wires along with plastic,
paint and personal photographs
to link directly back to her homeland
and personal history. 
 See more at Gallery Loupe.

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