Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surface Effects on Mixed Metals - Sharrey Doré Jewelry

Hand-fabricated pieces made in sterling silver
 and 14K gold, work by Sharrey Doré delightfully
 combines various elements, textures,
and pattern effects in the creation of
contemporary jewelry.

This artist is a metalsmith with innovative ideas
each beautifully expressed by
a compelling design with a strong
 architectural or Asian influence.

Using techniques such as reticulation, fusing
and embossing, she purposely sets out to explore
and develop her own processes in
surface texturing and patterning on metal.

The results are lovely one-of-a-kind
 miniature sculptures.
I especially love her pieces featuring
gold granulation over silver.
It enhances that striking contrast
between the gold and silver.


 Be sure to visit Sharrey Doré's website
to see more of this beautiful mixed-metal work.

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  1. they used to say that gold & silver don´t go together, but it´s so wrong, because all the pieces above look so stylish & harmonious!


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