Monday, December 10, 2012

Helena Emmans Jewelry

There's a gentle, meditative quality in
jewelry created by Helena Emmans.
Even the way she describes her work
evokes restful, quiet aspects of nature,
... draws its inspiration from the shoreline
 and natural forms such as dandelion spores
and pebbles ... burnished and oxidised surface
 feels infused with the rhythm of the
moon and tides ... the circular marks
drawing the crescent read like shell or stone
 erosion, tiny holes that give each piece
a unique and delicate quality.



Visit Helena's website to see more
her sterling silver jewelry.



  1. These are so beautiful! I just went to her website and her pieces are stunning. I love how fluid her work it. Just found you and love the artists you highlight!

  2. Beautifully unique designs - love them.


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