Monday, January 14, 2013

Bangles are Just the Beginning - Liz Hamman Jewelry

Liz Hamman's bangles
are truly one of the most unique
types of paper jewelry I've had
the pleasure to see.
Fused into a dense mass of paper pulp
every bangle is made from an entire story book
she has salvaged from second-hand stores
and recycled into paper art.

It's especially fun to see the main character
of the story prominently displayed along
the interior of each bangle while
the exterior is equally distinctive
with layers of swirling color that seem
similar to a wood-grain mokumé gane effect.
It interests me that books are treasured and yet
neglected objects, the materials they are made from
are humble and transient whilst the content
and experience of them remains with us
and enriches our lives.
I am interested in exploring these qualities of
value/non-value and transience/longevity
 to produce work that is wearable and unique.

But bangles are just the beginning of the range
 of work Liz Hamman creates using maps,
documents and even Monopoly money.

Explore more of Liz Hamman's work here.


  1. These are incredibly cool. I wonder if she does requests.

  2. Wow these are beautiful, thank you for posting her, She will be an inspiration for my work exploring paper

  3. Not what I was expecting-- far, far more amazing!

  4. Such an interesting approach to paper that even has a story behind. Great gifts for kids :-) Thank you for posting her art.

  5. Thanks for your inspired designs.

    cordial greetings

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  7. Hello and thanks so much for featuring my work on your fabulous blog.
    Best wishes
    Liz Hamman

    1. Liz, your work is just so wonderful! Best wishes for continued success.


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