Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inspired Enamels - Carly Wright Jewelry

Inspired by sedimentary rock formations and their
sometimes subtle, sometimes bold colorations
Carly Wright creates champlevé enamel jewelry
using a theme of abstract
windows and doors to serve as the
settings for the luscious colors.

Champlevé enameling can be a tedious process,
requiring painstaking attention to surface preparation
and firing times. This artist will make as many as
thirty firings of colored transparent glass
before the recessed areas hold sufficient enamel.
Only then can she complete the process by
oxidizing the sterling silver setting and
burnishing its surface.

The results are certainly eye catching.




There's alot more information
and photos to see at Carly Wright's website.


  1. Gorgeous, I've just started to get into enamelling, not sure if I've got the patience for Champleve

  2. Oh wow - as a newbie to enamels, these are inspiring. Beautiful designs, thank you to the introduction to Carly's website and work.


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