Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delicate Yet Strong - Daniela Osterrieder Jewelry

 Distinctive gold jewelry created by metalsmith
Daniela Osterrieder is astonishingly delicate,
elegant, simple and sophisticated.
There seems to be a subtle connection
among all her pieces - an illusion of
delicacy hiding the true strength of the metal.
I love the delicate wispiness of this bracelet
made with incredibly thin, smooth strands of gold.


Her work is dainty even when mixed with red rubber.

This brooch always captures my attention.
It reminds me of cobblestone streets found
throughout Europe.

This artist proves gold is truly a soft metal.
It lends itself well to these exquisite designs -
so many seem to be as finely textured as silk.
More information about Daniela Osterrieder's work
can be found at the Charon Kransen Gallery.

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