Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hand Pierced Delights - Kate Case Jewelry

Metalsmith Kate Case creates lovely work in sterling silver
embellished with 18 KT gold and various gemstones.
She specializes in the traditional techniques of
 hand piercing and repouss√©.
I immediately became smitten with her hand-pierced jewelry
designs because of her singular vision and the overall 
visual design of her work.
The repetitive elements of her designs bring
a charming classical quality to her work.
Her work is meticulously hand cut with a jeweler's saw,
and the care is truly apparent in every one of her pieces.


 I always enjoy viewing pictures that show
the artist's detailed processes and techniques.
It gives me a sense of how each piece
slowly yet surely comes together.
Here are some photos of Kate's intricate
hand cut work in progress.

It’s easy to see there can be a great deal of enjoyment in perfecting
these processes, even when it comes to creating the same design
and components over and over – although of course
in the world of the handmade
 no piece is ever really identical to another.

Be sure to see more of her work at


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