Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gemstones Weaved Into Design - Cynthia Downs Jewelry

Integrating traditional metalsmithing techniques with textile
techniques is a signature feature for Cynthia Downs.
She combines techniques from both disciplines
to create sculptural jewelry.
As she describes her work, Cynthia says,
  “Weaving is truly a meditative experience,
which also taught me patience.”
Cynthia’s design process centers around the stone.
She describes it as,
“Sometimes the stone may command a more elaborate setting
to tell its story.  However, there are times it’s really all
 about the beauty of the stone itself, and therefore,
is presented with simplicity and elegance.”   






Lovely work meticulously crafted
with interesting gemstones will get attention 
every time. 
Prepare to be surprised at the range of work she has created.
There are many more designs to see



  1. Truly artistic work. I love the way the gemstones are incorporated with the artistic work and metal. So elegant and intricate work and completely unique. Gemstone also have quite majestic qualities specifically the multi-hued sapphires. they have innumerable benefits and powers. This article I read tells all about the powers of gemstones.. Really interesting...

  2. \I'm glad you liked the post and I appreciate hearing from you, Cendre. I agree that Cynthia Downs work is truly elegant and intricate!


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