Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amy Pfaffman Jewelry - Recycled Jewelry Made with Found Objects

We have a strong attraction to jewelry made by those artists who create their work using found objects. Using recycled, reclaimed and natural materials in her jewelry designs, Amy Pfaffman seeks to create items of personal adornment that brings together her love for the beauty of functional objects, her passion for sustainability and her sense of design.

These earrings are called Colored Pencils with Onyx

Her use of actual pencils cut into uniform pieces gives us a strange sense of satisfaction. We like knowing that all those stubby, leftover pieces have found a new home and can still enjoy the light of day when worn by someone who cherishes their not-so-humble existence.

Here is a piece called Pocketwatch Necklace

Amy expresses her point of view rather well on her website when she says,

"I walk through the world looking for possibilities in everything I see. I can find inspiration in the most unlikely places. I love cutting materials into smaller pieces, somewhat disguising their origins and becoming gems of sorts. . . . . When these unlikely materials are worn as jewelry, they're reconsidered and seen in a new way."

Here's a photo of a necklace made with pebbles and stones called 3 Charms

Her range of materials includes items such as old Bingo numbers, vintage watch faces, vinyl records, brass locker tags, knitting needles, broken pottery, guitar picks, colored pencils and alot more. She also makes molds of things like coffee beans and alphabet pasta then has them cast in sterling silver.

This necklace made with recycled plastic is called Ducks in a Row

We especially like the fact that Amy is inspired by everything, everywhere. As she says, "I walk through the world looking for possibilities in everything I see." To us, this is the true definition of inspiration. Truly, inspiration is all around us, yet so many can't seem to see much of it. We also strive to see the possibilities in everything around us. . . whether for writing, or creating jewelry, or even decorating a home.

Do you believe that inspiration is everywhere?

Are you inspired by everyday objects, mundane locations, idle chatter?

Where do you find your inspiration?

Share your thoughts with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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