Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lulu Smith Jewelry- Vibrant Color and Elegance in Resin and Silver

We enjoy jewelry that is both fun and elegant at the same time. Fun and elegant is how we describe the hand-pigmented resin and sterling silver jewelry made by LuLu Smith.

This humorous piece is called Ripple Bracelet

Bold color combinations matched with simple designs makes for jewelry that could easily be worn during the day at work and for a special occasion.

This rather orderly pendant is called Big Space

Our love for colorful things is sparked by Lulu's use of vibrant color and bold shapes.

These delightlful earrings are called Coneflower

We also enjoy reading her blog......especially when she describes her workflow as taking a significant amount of time from idea to product......her words describe it best:

"several months…from pencil…to paper…to computer…to model…to caster…to mold…to silver….and then back to me for assembly… soldering… cleaning… pouring… grinding.. edging… clear coating."

Yes, we can certainly see the amount of work that goes into each piece.

This entertaining piece is called Junction Bracelet

Starting with simple shapes, many organic in style, the colors create the energy within each piece. Simple pieces become more layered and create more vibrant energy.

This wonderful piece is called Cubist Pendant

Colorful, fun, energetic . . . it's all hand-pigmented and hand-poured. The sterling silver outlines provide structure -- the resin provides intense color. A great combination.

What are your thoughts about energetic color?

Are you inspired by active, vibrant, energetic designs?

What are your thoughts?

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