Friday, March 20, 2009

Kristen Lora Jewelry - Variety in Style and Technique

Variety usually means having an assortment of things. In the case of jewelry created by Kristen Lora, we would have to say that variety means so much more than that; we need to use a word like abundance to describe her broad range of work.

Inspired by bold shapes, color and movement, Kristin designs jewelry that is meant to flatter and entertain. Believe us when we say, Kristin Lora delivers an abundance of entertainment. She has so many collections of jewelry to view; yet in this post, we will admire just a mere handful.

Always appreciating color and natural elements, Kristin focuses on creating beautiful and artful jewelry. Most are made with sterling silver. She creates all her pieces with the utmost in impeccable skill and technique. This intricate brooch is from her Tubular Collection

Her metalsmith skills are impeccable and all her designs are meticulous and sophisticated. These earrings are from her Felt Collection

This jewelry is both unique in its composition and cherished for its value. Often the artist adds a touch of whimsy. Here is another delightful piece from her Felt Collection

From the Circle Cluster Collection

Here is another example from the Circle Cluster Collection

And we haven't even touched on half of her collections. Yes, there is so much, much more. It's a mind-boggling abundance of jewelry all offered by the same artist.

What inspires you to create?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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