Monday, July 19, 2010

Diana Widman Jewelry

Jewelry created by Diana Widman
evokes a sense of movement and a
great deal of texture. Of all her styles
of work, our favorites revolve around
her Linen Collection – a collection
of fabricated jewelry that actually has
the look of rippled fabric.

With a background in printmaking
and bookbinding, Diana has long held
a love for paper and fabric, as well as
 the tools and processes one uses
 to work with them.

So, it’s understandable that when she
discovered metalsmithing, her passion for
paper and fabric would become extremely
evident in her metal work.
By using a technique such as fold forming
she creates rippling surfaces and 
roughened textures that look like undulating,
silky fabrics. It's jewelry that provides
 a sense of movement and
an impression of texture.

Here are a few examples
of her work.
This cuff is made with sterling silver.


Here we see a
14KT yellow gold cuff set with diamond accents.

These earrings are made from 18KT green gold
 with diamond accents.


We are inspired by artists who develop work
based on the cross-pollination of ideas
and techniques.
Something new and different emerges
from these fascinating efforts.
In this instance, by making hard metal
 look like soft fabric
we cross a threshold with the artist
into a new realm of beauty,
style and discovery.


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