Friday, July 16, 2010

Julie Jerman-Melka

The first time we experienced
jewelry created by Julie Jerman-Melka
we had an emotional experience.
The sensuality, the delicacy,
the tenderness we saw in her pieces
resonated with us immediately.
This jewelry is inspired by the artist's
childhood memories of the natural
world around her.
She takes those memories,
renders them in metal,
and from those humble beginnings
there emerges jewelry of
such delicacy and charm
that we are enchanted by
every piece.
Our favorites revolve around pieces
from her Flora Fauna Collection.
While not specifically modeled on
any particular flower, each piece
is merely reminiscent of the
floral ambiance that the artist
recollects from childhood
experiences and remembrances.

Using sterling silver and 18K gold
she creates each design by 
traditional metalsmithing techniques
and incorporates gems along the way.
The effect evokes a Zen-like purity.

Here is an example of a
brooch from her Flora Fauna Collection.

We love to admire the subtle colors found
in these Flora Fauna earrings.


This Flora Fauna pendant
is absolutely charming.

We find this jewelry
inspiring with its delicate
colorations and textures.
It's light and almost lyrical.

What do you think?
We'd love to know your thoughts
and reactions, too.


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