Monday, July 12, 2010

Jacqueline Cullen Jewelry

We are intrigued whenever we see
an imaginative use of
an unusual material in jewelry.
One jewelry artist we have recently
become aware of is Jacqueline Cullen
who is noted for using an ancient material
and transforming it with modern techniques.

Her specialty is Whitby Jet.
Jet was used (and popularized)
in Victorian mourning jewelry.

By using one specific type of jet,
that found only along the shoreline of
Whitby in England, Jacqueline honors a
material that is now rare and might easily
be forever lost to us. With every piece
presenting itself in a raw and ragged state,
what might be considered detritus
to someone looking with a casual eye,
to this artist every crevice and
every imperfection becomes a source
of potential beauty. It is in the
 cracks and fissures
that the artist labors to
create her beguiling jewelry.

By inlaying precious materials such as gold
or gems or crystals, she transforms the old,
the worn and the ragged into works of
elegance and creativity.

It is precisely these imperfections
that eventually become
lovely works of art.
The deep, lustrous shine of the jet
becomes a rich background for the
detailed and minute embellishments
that the artist creates.
Here are a few examples of her
finely-crafted work.

From her Fine Gold Collection we see
a hand-carved Whitby Jet pendant
inlaid with 24K gold.

Here is an example of a pendant from her
Swarovski Crystal Collection.

From her Granulation Collection, we can see 
earrings with 18K gold granulation.

          And here is an example of a 
bracelet with 18K gold granulation.

There is so much here to inspire us.

The idea of making such wonderful
handcrafted jewelry
by using what may be considered
a rather mundane material
and then transforming its simple nature 
by adding precious metals and
other materials is both 
imaginative and inspiring.

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We'd love to know what you think.



  1. You've described this jewelry so well that I really want to see it in person. Your writing is really good and I thank you for finding such fantastic jewelry. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for your kind words - we're really glad you are enjoying the blog as much as we enjoy writing it!


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