Friday, September 17, 2010

Luann Udell Jewelry

Sometimes jewelry tells a story.
A meaningful, soul-searching,
important story.
A story just as transforming
as the experience of
wearing the jewelry.

Jewelry by Luann Udell tells a story
that is as old as time itself.

Inspired by prehistoric art discovered
on cave walls in Lascaux, France,
Luann takes those ancient paintings
and infuses them with modern significance.
Her innovative designs, textures,
and color combinations
bring the spirit of those
ancient artists to life.

We are inspired by the fact that
Luann feels an unshakeable connection to
this archaeological location
and immerses her work completely in
its historical significance.
When she describes the powerful narrative
that runs through her mind as she creates
each of her pieces, we feel her reverence
towards the stone-age images from the caves
and we share her vision to imbue
her jewelry with joy and passion and history.

She says it best herself, 
I imagine myself an ancient artist working in ivory and soapstone. I dream of giving these to people I care about, who wear these totems daily until they are worn smooth by the touch of human hands.

Let’s take a look at some of our
favorite pieces from her collection.

The theme of the sacred horse
weaves through her narratives.


We feel as though we are traveling
through the caves whenever
we see this piece.

We find this piece to be
quite engaging.


And these pieces continue our travels through time.

We treasure the fact that jewelry artists
express ideas and inspirations through
meaningful stories - stories that seek to
explain our motivations, dreams,
and connections to the past.

To have this expressed as jewelry
we can wear on a daily
basis is truly inspiring.

Are you inspired?

Let us know your thoughts
and feelings.  We'd love
to hear from you.

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