Monday, September 13, 2010

Melanie Muir Jewelry

Polymer jewelry artists are masters of
imitative effects and techniques.
Using an ancient technique
to create modern mokume gane jewelry
with polymer is a creative form
 mastered by Melanie Muir.

Her work process is inspired
by a 17th century Japanese metal-working
method known as mokume gane.
The English translation means woodgrain metal
and refers to the elaborate patterns which
can be created with the technique.
Working with this laborious and
time-consuming method
involves creating multiple-patterned layers
of polymer sheets stacked together
and a blade is used to slice thin pieces horizontally
from the top to reveal myriad layers
of colors rippling and flowing in every direction.
The artist continues until a
desired pattern is achieved.

Melanie's work has a
lacquer-like finish that
adds dimension to her work
and we love that her abstract patterns
seem to resemble the natural textures and
colorations of semi-precious stones.

Let's take a look at some of
our favorite pieces. These bangles
are intriguing.


This necklace is simple yet complex.

And this bracelet has such incredibly vibrant,
attention-demanding colors - one
can't help but take notice of the
 astounding explosion of color.

Her colors are vivacious,
and her patterns are
abstract and random.
In all, her jewelry designs
are remarkably satisfying.

This work is inspiring on many levels.
We are inspired by the
time-consuming effort she
devotes to her work.
We are also inspired by
the spectacular results
she achieves.


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