Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Suzanne Linquist Jewelry

Jewelry created by Suzanne Linquist features
an unusual combination of materials:
 ebony and silver.

The subtle metallic shimmer of silver
complements the intense black of the ebony,
and by joining them together Suzanne
creates a broad range of designs
from a singularly simple palette.

There are so many pieces to see and admire -
here's a pin we simply adore.
It showcases
pierced silver, carved ebony
with a pearl and brass.

We love the incredible symmetry in
these earrings made with ebony
inlaid with silver.

We find inspiration whenever an artist shares
their background, their motivations, or their
serendipitous discoveries along
their journey into the art of
handcrafted jewelry. 
Suzanne's explanation of her unexpected
discovery of a supply of ebony
provides a snapshot for us to share. 

On her website, she explains,

". . . browsing in a hardwood store I noticed a box of black wooden rectangles. When I picked one up, the wood was heavy and felt dense as I rubbed my finger across its dark surface. It was ebony, the salesman told me, and the rectangles were old piano key blanks. I bought the whole box and took it back to my studio. Over the next year, I learned to carve and turn ebony on a mini-lathe to create small sculptural forms for necklaces, earrings, pins and bracelets. Silver glowed and took on new life when I inlaid it directly into the black wood or wound fine shining wires around lathe turned shapes. In turn the silver embellishment brought the ebony sculptural forms to life. "
It's moments like these
that can bring jewelry to life.

Here is another piece we admire.
It's made with
silver, ebony, brass and a pearl.

And here is another.

The idea of making such wonderful
handcrafted jewelry by using
a re-purposed material is both
imaginative and inspiring.

By re-purposing old piano key blanks
into lovely works of wearable art,
Suzanne inspires us with her
choice of materials,
range of designs, and the moods they create.

  Let us know what you think
and what inspires you.
Feel free to share your thoughts.

We'd love to know.

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