Monday, October 4, 2010

So Young Park Jewelry

The one-of-a-kind jewelry
created by So Young Park
is exciting and provocative.

Using traditional metalsmithing
techniques, she has a unique style
of working with gold and silver
 to create jewelry that is abstract,
organic and filled with texture.

Whenever we see So's abstract pieces
we experience wonderful reactions
that are both intense and intriguing.
We gravitate towards her work.
Her organic designs consistently
create excitement for us and we can feel
our spirits positively bouncing
with interest and joy every time
we see her work.
And we always want to see more.

While there are many fascinating pieces
to admire in each of her collections,
it's her Handcrafted Series that
inspires us the most.

Let's take a look at a few examples
of her incredible work.

we also love this dazzling necklace

and this pendant 

here's another phenomenal necklace

and this spectacular cuff

There is so much to admire
in all of her collections.
We are continuously inspired by the 
broad range of designs and the
incredible beauty of
each of these pieces.

And there are so many more to admire.
If we could, we'd collect them all.

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