Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dana Driver Jewelry

Many years ago, at a Northern California
event called “Celebration of Craftswomen,”
we came across an artist who creates
delightful jewelry made with river stones.

Each piece of jewelry made by Dana Driver
is a wearable piece of fine art
composed of panache, inspiration, and most
of all, a delightful touch of whimsy.

Sorted by size, color, and suitability for
her designs, Dana selects the best stones
to tumble, carve, drill, and inlay with fine silver
or 22kt gold.
By inlaying precious materials such as gold
or silver, she transforms something
as mundane as a rock into a work of
charm, elegance, and creativity.
And to top it off, we are enamored with
the idea that many of her pieces have
moving parts that encourage
playfulness and exploration.

Here are some examples of her work.
We love her Flamingo brooch

and this Channel bracelet

These flowers always make us smile.

and these earrings are the ultimate
in simplicity and tranquility.

All of her pieces are created with the utmost
in impeccable skill and technique.

We're always intrigued when
an artist combines precious metals
with more mundane items. In this artist's hands,
the beauty provide by Mother Nature
is deftly embellished with precious metals
that result in lighthearted pieces of
art jewelry.


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  1. I love Dana's work and recognized it instantly. I'm hoping to get to take a class from her one of these days in Mendocino!


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