Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Peggy Eng Jewelry

When a friend suggested we take
a look at the work of an artist
who specializes in carving and
anodizing aluminum, we were
 intrigued by the idea.

Well, we immediately fell in love
with the sophisticated jewelry
that Peggy Eng creates.
It's detailed, elegant, and evocative
of things in the natural world.
Simply stated, she is truly a
sculptor working in aluminum.
It seems unexpected and counterintuitive
to think about creating delicate, flowing
designs by carving metal and
by using chemical and electrical
processes but the results that Peggy
achieves are simply wonderful.

In her technically proficient hands,
 an ordinary piece of aluminum turns into
something extraordinary. This artist has
the ability to transform a boring metal
into a blend of rich colors and
amazingly textured designs.

There are many bold pieces in her collection.
Here are some of our favorites. 

Graceful and dynamic, these earrings
are called "Fleur."
Surprisingly, these measure a mere
1 inch x 1.75 inches.

We adore this brooch called "Split Corner."

In this piece, the soft, subtle wash of
gentle color is the perfect accompaniment
to the Tahitian pearl. 
It's called "Stacked Brooch."

In every piece, her designs have clean,
distinct lines and seem to flow with motion.

While some of her pieces are somber
and dark, we are attracted to her
brightly colored work with their
vibrant, saturated color and engaging
designs. They all seem to exude
a sense of reserved dignity.
We are utterly enchanted.


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  1. I love the creative process and that my mind sees the finished project before it is made. I like the feeling of accomplishment when it is finished and matches that image in my mind. It's even better when it surpasses that image. That's when I feel the wow for the efforts. It doesn't matter if it a piece of jewelry or a finished wedding cake, or floral arrangement. That feeling is always the same. When someone else shares the same opinion... now that is a natural high. I always have some type of emotional impact when I've completed a project!

    BTW I love this jewelry, it is Fabulous with a capital F!


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