Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heather Goldberg Jewelry

We adore all the fascinating art-to-wear
jewelry created by Heather Goldberg.
Each piece is composed of all natural fibers
such as cotton, silk, cashmere, mohair,
bamboo and merino wool, and each one is
embellished with Swarovski crystals. Draped
over one's body the necklaces exude
a magical life of their own.

Heather calls her work Shadow Play and it is
an apt name for these works of art.
The interplay of light and dark colors, ethereal
and solid fibers, and layers upon layers
of textures are tantalizingly lush.

Soft pastels intermingle with shades of black,
gray, beige, and white - these muted colors
allow the intricacies of the materials
and the techniques to take center stage.

Many fiber art techniques are used in each
composition including loose weaving,
knotting, wrapping, twisting, draping,
 and knitting. All this fuzzy, sleek, floating
softness gets interspersed with crystals –
a bit like finding visual treats tucked
here and there. No doubt each majestic
piece easily stands out in any crowd.

One of our very favorites
is called "Sonnet"

We love the color choices in this
necklace called "Ash"

This study in black and white is
called "Infinity"

And this one is called "Division 2"

This multicolored gem is
called "Sail the Ocean"

We find so much inspiration in this work.
The eye roams over and over each
piece seeking and finding more
and more visual delights.
Each necklace is more exquisite
than the last - truly no two pieces
could ever be alike.

Each has a personality of its own
with impressions ranging from the
ethereal to the robust, the sassy to
the refined. The enchanting way the
materials flow effortlessly into
each other continuously draws
our attention around and around.
And around.
It's difficult to stop.


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