Monday, November 1, 2010

Stephanie Tomczak Jewelry

We really like jewelry that is abstract,
 imaginative, and a bit avant garde.

Jewelry created by Stephanie Tomczak
is definitely all these things and more.
We like the fact that her ocean-inspired
 jewelry, called Oceanic Gems,
pushes the known boundaries
of aquatic life and explores elements
concocted from the realm of
the artist's imagination.  

Stephanie’s current work seems to
have a life of its own. It features materials
like polymer, copper, sterling silver,
enamels, coral beads, turquoise,
sponge, bone and shell.
This seemingly incongruous assemblage
of materials, colors, and textures
combined with Stephanie's imaginative
playfulness results in jewelry that is
 eye-catching and engaging.

Here are some of our favorites
of her ingenious creations.

This necklace is not your
ordinary string of beads.

 Here's another necklace we love.

This one seems delightfully simple yet
dwells in complexities.

Here's another engaging piece.

Creative, imaginative, abstract.

We are inspired when
an artist works with materials in unusual ways.  
When combined with a delightful imagination
and a whole lot of creativity
 the result is lighthearted pieces of
art jewelry.

We'd be happy to own
any of them.

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