Monday, October 25, 2010

Lisa Jane Grant Jewelry

Mokumé gane is awesome.
It's a 300-year-old jewelry technique
invented in Japan that is mind-bogglingly
labor intensive and incredibly time consuming.
 The effects of all this time and
labor are elaborate. And worth it.
One of the best examples of this technique
can be found in work created
 Mokumé gane (pronounced mo-koo-meh gah-neh)
translates as "wood-grain metal" and that effect
is what we find so intriguing. The finished
jewelry shows myriad layers of metals
swirling and flowing in all directions and 
the final effect is rich and exciting.

Lisa's collections are named after specific
exotic destinations she has visited in her various
travels, and each piece evokes a memory or
special fondness she feels for that location.

Here are some of our favorite pieces
from her collections.
These earrings have an intense rosy hue
that we just love. From her Luang Prabang
collection they're made with
18k yellow gold, 14k palladium white gold,
14k pink gold and sterling silver.

Here is a great example from her Jaipur collection
made with 18k yellow gold,14k palladium white gold,
and sterling silver. It's a reversible pendant
featuring the mokumé in front
while on the back it has patterned sterling silver
with 18k yellow gold accents.

And these earrings from her
Cusco collection have a great pillow effect.
They're made with 18k yellow gold,
14k palladium white gold and sterling silver.

Each piece is truly one of a kind.
The distinctive layered patterns
of mokumé gane are exactly what
we love - fluid, asymmetrical,
and downright mesmerizing.


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