Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tania Clarke Hall Jewelry

Supple, pliable, soft.
We're all familiar with leather when it's
used as stringing material for a pendant
or a bracelet.  But it's when leather
becomes the main attraction
that we sit up and take notice.

Jewelry created by Tania Clarke Hall
is worth taking notice.
It can make your heart melt.
From the dainty, wispy little
curlicues found in her
Falling Circles earrings
to the high-necked corsetted
collars in her Slash series,
each is a show stopper.

Tania uses many techniques
in her work, such as tearing,
slashing, molding, painting
and laser-cutting the leather.
The effects range from sweet
to dramatic.

Here is her striking
Slash High Collar.

and a necklace called
Black Twist

and this collar is called
ZigZag Pink

This piece is called FreeForm Circles.
We love these sweet tendrils of leather and
how they seem to float around the
model's neck as though they're lighter than air.

Impeccable craftsmanship and strong
design come together seamlessly to
create jewelry with flair and drama.

Now it's time to find a worthy
event to wear these.

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