Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Isabelle Posillico Jewelry

Sometimes it's all about gorgeous gemstones.
Gloriously-colored jewels set in a matrix of metal.

And while often the metal matrix
can serve as mere background, 
easily ignored when compared
with the richness of the gem clusters,
at other times the metal is just as
spectacular and multidimensional
in impact as the gems.
The total effect can be

We admire works of art created
 by Isabelle Posillico specifically
because they are composed of many
 luscious gems each harmoniously
punctuated by equally strong notes 
of 14k, 18k and 22k gold.

We see her work not only as having been
created by a jeweler but as having been
composed as though by a musician.
She handcrafts these wearable treasures
using precious and semi-precious
stones and pearls with accents of gold
 that all seem to play together as a symphony.

For us, each precious gem represents
a note in a musical composition
and each harmonizes with the others
for balance and depth. Like notes in a melody,
 she creates music in her work and each
 piece presents itself as a
variation on a theme.

The artist has several series that are
dynamic and composed of melodious
elements with staccato rhythms.

Here's an example from
her Conga Line series
made with pearls, tourmaline,
chysocolla, blue topaz, diamond, opal,
and various karats of gold.

and here's a pendant from the same series

As a counterpoint to all that syncopation,
we adore this necklace featuring a solo
performance of one kunzite stone.
Supporting players include diamonds,
 pink tourmalines, pink sapphires, garnets and gold
accompanied by pearls.


We also enjoy her Dance Partners series
featuring asymmetrical designs yet
perfectly balanced compositions.

This is one of our favorites.

Made with pearls, aquamarines, pink & green
tourmalines and various karats of gold.

And this pair features
garnets, chalcedony, pink sapphires,
and tanzanite with various karats of gold.

There is so much to admire in this work. 

We admire the magnificent gem choices.

We admire the fact that
the metal is not subservient to the
 intensity of color and
preciousness of the gems.

We admire the
tempos and rhythms of
each composition.

Each piece is a performance of
timeless grace and beauty.

 They hit the right note every time.


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