Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Randi Chervitz Jewelry

We admire jewelry that explores fiber
techniques in metal.
Jewelry created by Randi Chervitz
features fine-gauge sterling silver and
gold wire crocheted into the design,
transforming metal into a sense of fabric.
The linear fabricated framework of each piece
blends flawlessly with the
curvaceous, lacy needlework of the wire.

We appreciate her fine metalsmithing skills,
 delicate manipulation of fine metal wires, and
very selective choice of gemstones.

The repetitive, intricate, complex designs are stunning.
This cuff is a wonderful example of her work.
It's called "18K Wide Bamboo Cuff with 12 Diamonds,"
and features hand-crocheted yellow gold wire
with hand-set diamonds.

We also love this ring called
18K Wide Bamboo Ring with 5 Diamonds."
It has movement and intrigue.

These sweet little numbers feel delicate yet structured.
They're called,
"Skinny Rectangle Earrings."

And this solid, chunky square platform
makes a beautiful frame for a crocheted
nesting of pearls.
This one is named, "Square Top Ring," and
features a delightful assortment of freshwater pearls.

Here's another example of the underlying structure
that is a hallmark of this artist's work.
Called, "Grid Pin/Pendant," the hand-crocheted
silver wire clearly provides a lacy softness to contrast
with the rigid grid structure.

Mixing techniques from multiple disciplines
allows an artist's imagination to expand.

This artist's work delights us for her ingenuity
and original designs.
The effects are fabulous.



  1. Ciao Cara!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and free publicity! I really appreciate that you like my work.
    Love your concept- jewelry has its secret life, brought out only when it connects with its wearer.
    Best wishes for an awesome 2011.

  2. Glad you enjoy it! Best wishes for continued success, Cara


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